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At Barnett Financial & Tax (BFT), we are dedicated to providing individuals, families, and businesses with quality financial products and services for the achievement of their goals and objectives.

Few subjects are as intimidating as money. Although previous generations were able to succeed financially by practicing the same time-honored traditions as those who preceded them, it is no longer possible today. Today, more than a third of our income goes to the tax collector. College and wedding expenses have gone through the roof. The dynamics of our business is changing more frequently, and we are faced with questions about employee benefits, insurance, etc. like never before – issues ranging from how to invest our retirement plan assets to the proper handling of new employee benefit options – issues our parents and grandparents never had to face. We also relocate more often, marry more often, and have children and grandchildren much later in life than did any generation before us. Most have large debts coming out of school that impact our ability to save and invest until later. We also live longer than previous generations – so much so that many will be forced to contend with the issues of long-term care, if not for ourselves, then for our spouses, siblings, parents, in-laws, or other relations.

For many of us, this creates the very real risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably, or being unable to leave a legacy for our spouses, partners, children, and grandchildren.

This is why so many have turned to Barnett Financial & Tax for their Wealth Management needs. We look forward to serving you.

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At Barnett Financial & Tax (BFT), we are dedicated to providing individuals, families and businesses with quality financial products and services for the achievement of their goals and objectives. We are committed to serving clients by assisting them in the development of financial stewardship in their lives. Founded in 1990 we are an accredited member of Better Business Bureau.

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