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The financial advisors at Barnett Financial & Tax contribute their financial and professional insights to well-known publications and media outlets on topics that matter to you. Click below to read some of our featured articles and view our videos.

Maximizing Social Security
- Grand Blanc Living Magazine (August 2020):

Social Security planning is often the biggest part of Retirement Income Planning. Like many Americans, you will rely on your Social Security Benefits for a portion of your retirement income. This means you need to determine the amount you can get that will compliment your other income-producing assets.


Planning for Retirement During Uncertain Times
- Grand Blanc Living Magazine (June 2020):

Whether you are planning to retire or already there, your retirement income doesn’t have to be uncertain. By getting a clear picture of where your finances stand and creating a plan that takes worst-case scenarios into account, you can feel confident about retirement.


Meet The Barnetts
- Grand Blanc Living Magazine (May 2020):

Get to know Rick, Leah and the rest of the Barnett family by clicking here. Learn more about their family background, passions, and commitment to their surrounding community.

"Leah and I met on in 2002. That was back in the day when was the only dating sight and wasn’t as popular or “main stream” as it is today."


Tips For Having A Secure Retirement
- WNEM (November 2019):

A life filled with rewards and relaxation is what most people want from retirement. But the challenge is how to achieve it, especially if you're getting a relatively late start. Some millennials are drastically saving money to retire early using the F.I.R.E method, an acronym that stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early.


A Retirement Plan Requires Strong Legs to Stand On
- Kiplinger (August 2019):

Older Americans may fondly recall a time when retirements were financed with a three-legged stool of income sources: employee pensions, Social Security and personal savings and/or investments.

But now many, if not most, of those defined-benefit pensions are gone, leaving us with a wobbly, two-legged stool.


Start Early and Keep Building Good Money-Management Habits
- Kiplinger (September 2018):

People often ask Rick Barnett when they should start working with a financial professional or, at least, start putting together a plan to ensure a more secure future. Of course, there’s no one right answer. He tell his prospective clients that sooner is better than later, but later is better than never.


2013 Launch Date for Next Advisory Group
- PR Web (March 2013):

Barnett Financial & Tax CEO Rick Barnett had noticed in his years in the financial industry that adequate training and support was hard to find. He decided to do something about it by starting his own Insurance Marketing Organization to give producers a path and a means to a successful practice, like his Financial Services Firm in Grand Blanc, Michigan.


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